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  1. The Cussing Song

From the recording At the Railroad Station


The Cussing Song

Looked in the mirror
what the hell
that can’t be me
I’m only twelve

Running down the road
like a freaked out toad
legs working hard
but, not getting very far

It’s the cussing song
I sing it all day long
yeah it’s a cussing song
when the whole dang thing is wrong

Sometimes I cuss
get over it
what’s all the fuss
it’s just a little bit

Got in the rat race
a long time ago
now the rats have
dug a helluva hole

Looked in the water
what the heck
that can’t be me
looking back

Running for the wire
with my hair on fire
shoot the fire
and save the matches

Son of a biscuit
Dad gum it
Holy moly
Gosh darn it
I feel like cussing
in a cussing song