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  1. So Worried

From the recording At the Railroad Station


So Worried

I went down to the police station
just to check my reputation
and let them know I didn’t do it
and if I did they’ll never prove it

I went down to see my doctor
thought I might be off my rocker
can you still be sane?
always standing in the rain

It’s hard not to worry
when you just can’t sleep at night
it’s always a hurry
when the timing’s just not right

Worried if it’s dark or light
watching it on satellite
worried if you’re out of time
worried if you’ve lost your mind

I went down to the undertaker
just in case I meet my maker
I hope it’s quick and easy
on a day that’s warm and breezy
I went up to see Saint Peter
I thought I might become a greeter
he said you are mistaken
and that job is already taken

Your eyes can get blurry
when you’re putting up a fight
your heart can get dreary
in the darkness of the night

Worried if my shoe’s untied
worried if it’s baked or fried
worried if the sky is blue
worried if my time is due

It’s lost in a flurry
if you just don’t play it right
your dreams can get buried
instead of taking flight

So Worried…