From the recording The Best of Steve Roberts

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You’re in This All Alone

How high have you flown
how fast have you gone
how long have you known
that you’re in this all alone

As the time slips away
more and more yesterdays
moving farther away
farther and farther everyday

How high
how fast
it’s true
nothing lasts
how good
how bad
it’s true
life is sad

How good have you been
how bad way back when
how many long lost friends
you will never see again

As the days waste away
more and more the sunlight fades
it gets harder to say
that you did it your own way

How young
how old
it's true
life is cold
how close
how far
It's true
life is hard

Does it really matter why
all those times you sat and cried
no need for long goodbyes
to those who passed us by

How low
how slow
it’s true
nothing new
how big
how small
it’s true
for us all

You're in this all alone