From the album Remnants


Those Who’ve Not Known (Inspired by the words of Elder Neal A. Maxwell)

Those who’ve not known love
find it harder to believe
in a loving God
whose love is what they need

Those that aren’t forgiven
may not be so forgiving
and those who’ve not known trust
may always have misgivings

Those who’ve not known
are searching for a home
but everywhere they’ve gone
it all has seemed so wrong

Those who’ve not stepped up
may find it hard to do so
and they become more shrill
demanding others to do so

Those who aren’t esteemed
don’t see esteem in others
and those who’ve not known peace
don’t see that we’re all brothers

Those who’ve not been right
cannot be so indignant
at the human blight
that’s crying out for change

Treasured Hearts/Steve Roberts Music Copyright 2019