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  1. Charity and Grace

From the recordings The Best of Steve Roberts and The Setting Sun

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Charity and Grace

Children have a light
that shines from deep inside
you can see it in their eyes
you can see it in their lives
a mother's loving face
a father's gentle touch
let's them know that they are loved
so very much

With charity and grace
in a world that's lost its way
is there still a place
for charity and grace

We teach them to be angry
we teach them how to hate
life is but a moment
so we teach them not to wait
the angels must be crying
can you hear the awful sound
innocence is dying
everywhere it's found

I guess it never was
or never meant to be
the only thing that I can do
is search for it in me
and teach the little children
teach them to have faith
and hope they grow and come to live
in charity and grace